Wednesday, November 3, 2010

FederationD's Sponsor Day Out ( Part 1 )

Alright, things start off on the Sunday morning which the date lands on 31st of October 2010 and we had out sponsors day out event at Elite Speedway Track which is located @ USJ. I want to thanks Lht, Alex for guiding me to the USJ Elite track and thanks for inviting me to this event. This is awesome event where I get to meet other fellow members and also drifters in Federation D such as Tengku Djan, Ivan Lau, Tan Tat Wei, & Mervyn Nakamura. Besides that, get to meet new people such as Ryan Siew, Siva and many more. So below are the itinerary of that day's event so have a view yeah.

0500 - Media crew, Pit crew, Support crew were up and about getting the cars, food, and equipment  

0700 - Crew begins setup of the venue at Speedway Plus

0730 - Arrival of Phat Fabes ( Fly Fm DJ / Announcer )

0830 - Arrival of Sponsors, first in Federal, mygoldenduck, and TLKG.

Arrival of Supporters and Fans of Federation D. Thanks for coming John, Ryan, Siva, and many many more!

0900-1130 - Celebrity Driftology part 1.1 : Safety briefing by Tengku Djan
                   - Celebrity Driftology part 1.2 : Introduction of the instructors
                   - Celebrity Driftology part 1.3 : Unveiling of the drift machine
                   - Celebrity Driftology part 1.4 : Federal cap presentation to Phat Fabes
                   - Celebrity Driftology part 1.5 : Choosing Fabes helmet
                   - Celebrity Driftology part 1.6 : Taxi Ride with champion drifter Tan Tat Wei
1400 - End. Looking forward to 2011′s Sponsors’ Dorifto!

Check out the photos below to know more about that day's activity

Tan Tat Wei's Car equipped with Rotary Engine

Click on the Grab the info to view more Pics

Part of the Track

The Models

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