Thursday, 24 February 2011

Air Filter

Alright Readers, as you can see from the title above. I will be talking about some common knowledge about the air filter. It is a simple fact that a clean air filter is always works more efficient than the dirty ones.

So I shall cut the crap and back to the point. It is known that factory spec paper filter often does a marvelous job in comparison with other types of Air Filter available in the local market. The point is whether which one you're choosing, there are a few type of it such as Paper Type, Cotton Type, Oiled Type, Dry Typed, Panel or pod. Always be aware of the legality of the filter before installing it to avoid any Road offense by the Road and Transport (JPJ) people to have it dismantle for no reason.

It is best to have the air filter placed in the engine bay which is not too near to the engine and have it covered with Heat shield if there is really limited place for movement of the air filter to be placed. Last but not least, don't ever installed it in a strange position where the water can be scooped into it because the air filter must not be wet or else you will have engine failure for no reason.

It is easy if you are having a Drop in Filter whereby you will need to unclip the Air filter air box and change it which will only takes you around 1-2 minutes time so it's hassle free.

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