Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cleaning the Air Flow Meter ( AFM )

Wassup Readers, today's topic is about cleaning your car's Air Flow Meter and it is also known as AFM. Have you guys heard of it? It is possible to clean up the Clogged AFM to get some better readings but you must beware while taking care when it comes to cleaning it.

I can see that this is the part that not many people will take high priority on when it comes to cleaning the AFM, O2 Sensor aka Oxygen Sensor wears out over time like any other component that you installed due to the high heat and usage of it. Most car has it installed but they are not aware of the behavior of it. It is important because once the O2 sensor is unable to give an accurate measurements of Oxygen in the exhaust gas, it means the car can't properly adjust its variables such as Air/Fuel Mixture and the timing to give the optimal performance yet fuel economy to the User / Driver. 

I know many of you don't wish to waste so much money in pumping the petrol right? so why not have it check and cleaned it up when you have some free time to get a better performance yet a better Fuel efficiency for you ride.

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