Monday, 23 May 2011

Power Steering Fluid

Power Steering Fluid, wonder if it's necessary to change it periodically? 

It is better to change the power steering fluid periodically as many car owners completely overlook about this small matter. Sometimes, this small matter can be big when it affect other parts. This power steering fluid deteriorates with age and it affects its performance therefore, for those owners who do lots of city driving, it is better to change it regularly as the owner gets the better feel while turning the car lock to lock and essentially giving the fluid a solid workout.

So when changing the fluid starts with hoisting the front of the car onto stands and then unhooking the pressure hose from the power steering pump and letting fluid drain all out. After that, start the car and turn the steering from left to right until all the fluid has been pumped out. Next, you have to reattach the pressure hose to the power steering pump and fill the reservoir with the new fluid. 

Make sure to let all out all the air then, the procedure repeats as above. Start up the car and turn the wheel back and forth while topping up the reservoir until the fluid stays just under the MAX Level. 

How to see if your Power Steering Fluid has gone all out:  
- The Power Steering Fluid was clear from new and it turns Yellowy orange when it becomes Dirty. Besides that, if you're pouring the red fluid then when it becomes brown, this shows that it's dirty.

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