Saturday, 14 May 2011

Sharing my Personal Tips to going Eco- Green

Although I do not have a HYBRID car or electrical car for me to pursue my dream of going GREEN and saving the world by reducing the emission of Carbon monoxide and other poisonous Gas released by the output of the engine to the exhaust but I do aware that the global warming is getting the attention by everyone by now as the weather nowadays are really hot and the haze is just lowering our immune system and causing people to be sick due to this weather.

So my point is, if you're not using your car or waiting for someone. Just kindly stop the engine of the vehicle and wait outside or park at the shed while waiting. Do not turn on the engine as it is still producing the heat yet the fuel is still burning inside the engine. So do your part and it can saves up your fuel yet it won't drains your money from your pocket too.

Secondly, get yourself a Car Shades as this really helps for a weather like Malaysia whereby you can see the sun is non stop shining. This is for people who parks the car at the outside or outdoor parking space yeah. This sun shades can reduce the heat from entering the vehicle yet causing the vehicle to be like an oven or microwave when u enter especially those car with leather seats, it will be pain in the ass when u sit inside once you open the car. So Sun shade can prevent the UV and the Sun Heat wave from entering yet protecting ur dashboard from getting crack faster due to the heat.

Thirdly, I would like to tell everyone to always check the tyre pressure and make sure it's always in the right Pressure or Psi as this will help us to know if the tyre is puncture or lack of air. If the tyre is not in good shape, it will wear out a side which is not good and you will have to change it earlier than expected and it will waste fuel too when the tyre is not in round but plum shape. Take note yeah. =). On the other hand, do keep the car in a good shape by having a regular check up and service when the Kms have reach its expected value so you will not need to scare of the faulty of some parts due to clog and dirt in it. Having a healthy will saves ur $$ in the pocket as it will have less things to trouble you unlike those car that don't do a regular check up. I would rather spend more on services than having a Squick sound or Nut Falling sound when I drive and that will worries me if I hear those.

So for now, that's all I am Sharing with you guys on how I pursue my dream on going green yet saving the fuel in different way where everyone can do it the same like me. It's not hard yeah, save the earth for the future together yeah!!

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