Sunday, February 3, 2013

Proton Perdana V6 Snow Washed @ ChipsAway

Proton Perdana V6 1st Batch 2001 Model Snow Washed by ChipsAway
Have taken an overall photos of the Before Car Wash being commenced by ChipsAway. Check out the dirts, stains, dusts on every side of the car.

The car was drove in by Chipsaway personnel and that means it's going to start the process of Snow Washing the PV6

In progress of Snow Washing
They Spray the whole car without missing any part with the automotive shampoo by giving the car a Snow Wash effect.

Car rinse time, This the time to rinse off the dirts and stain from the car

After the Rinse process, it's time to wipe all the waters from the car before they start to clean up the interior and start the vacuuming Process

Vacuum Time for my ride, they are 2 trained workers from Chipsaway working at the same time while one of them clean and shine my interiors while the other vacuums all the dust and dirt away from the Carpets & the entire leather seat.

The car sparkles after the SnowWash was done by ChipsAway, Remarkably great job and really good quality provided by them, if you're staying or just got to head to PJ Area, why not try out this Car detailing centre, ChipsAway @ Taman Sea Area. 

Landmarks will be ( Ming Tien Food Court, Taman Megah ), it's just right beside of Autozone Car Service Centre ( Undercoverproject's Recommended Workshop in PJ )

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