Saturday, 2 March 2013

BMW E46 (1.9) Japan Spec Snow Washed @ ChipsAway

(Midnight Blue) BMW E46 (1.9L) Japan Spec Snow Washed by ChipsAway.

Another great work done by ChipsAway for this Midnight Blue Beemer. They provide a very good yet reliable service and this makes the customer feel satisfied after the work has been done by the ChipsAway crew. The car was thoroughly rinse during the start and chemicals was put to all the Wheels to remove the dirt and stains on it. Later on, the 2nd rinse is perform to wash all the dirt and debris on the car. Snow wash then take its place by giving the shining and glossy look of the car back again. After everything was done for the exterior, there comes the interior cleaning starts of with Vacuuming, Dashboard and all Door panels was being Cleaned and Wiped so do all the windows.

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