Thursday, 7 March 2013

RM58 for a Complete Car Care Package Using Cartec Products

88% Off - RM58 for a Complete Car Care Package Using Cartec Products: Wash & Vacuum + Claying + Tar Removal + Headlamp Polishing + Tyre Shine + Sport Rim Treatment + Polishing + Waxing + Nano Mist Treatment + Window Cleaning (Originally RM489)

Maximus Auto 
Maximus Auto 
Maximus Auto 
Maximus Auto

 Maximus Auto
Bought this deal from http://www.ilovediscounts.my. Going to have a try on this services provided by Maximus Auto Car Care. Hope I will not be disappointed by the deal I have bought previously whereby the Car detailing center offers me a very dissatisfying job and nothing was barely done to my car. 

The services provided in this package includes:

  • Car wash & Vacuum
  • Sport Rim treatment
  • Tar Removal
  • Claying
  • Polish
  • Waxing
  • Nano Tech Treatment
  • Tyre shining
  • Headlamp polishing
  • Window cleaning
In addition you're also entitled to the following discounts, redeemable the same day:
  • Additional 20% discount for other additional car grooming services
  • Additional 10% discount if you "Like" the Maximus Auto Car Care Facebook page

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