Wednesday, May 4, 2011

RON97 Petrol Raise Up to 20 sen & record high at RM2.90 !!

The price of premium RON97 petrol will be INCREASED by 20 cents to a record high of RM2.90 per litre from Thursday which happens later after midnight once the clock ticks 12am.

The previous increase was a MONTH ago & now it increases 20 cents again to set it at RM 2.90 !!.

The price of RON97 might go down in future, but this depends on the political situation in the Middle East as well as natural disasters.

Luckily, Subsidised RON95 Petrol and Diesel prices remain unchanged.

Now RON 97 is RM 1.00 Difference from RON 95 !!.


  1. sad la . . . purse bleeding dam hard =P

    But pity those who drive nice car lo . . . Work Hard yo!

  2. wsup man?
    hey i managed to find a KE70 but the owner said the road tax has expired
    how difficult will it be to renew it?!



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